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Apr 7, 2015 - Jun 21, 2015

Making Their Mark

APRIL 07, 2015 – JUNE 21, 2015

A moving point traces a path from one point to the next and the act creates a line, or mark. Whether they manipulate pencil, pen, pastel, or other media, the artists selected for Making Their Mark use line as a vital, expressive element in producing their work. Lines are rampant in our daily lives, yet we often do not notice their existence. Actual lines are physically present in architecture, highway markings, and signs, while contour lines define the edges of the objects we see and the spaces between them. Straight, geometric lines can imply solidity or strength; curvy, organic lines create the sensation of fluidity and of natural forms. The endless variety of artists’ marks: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, smooth, irregular, thick or thin, infuse the flat surfaces upon which they work – the direct link between the artists’ hand and their vision.

The works on view were selected from The Hyde Collection’s permanent collection. Several are from The Murray Collection, a gift of works collected by Jane Steele Murray and her husband, Robert; others were donated by Stephen J. Sills, M.D. in memory of his wife Nancy Mintz Sills, Dr. and Mrs. Irving Juster, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Conner. It is through gifts such as these that The Hyde continues to enhance and expand its permanent collection for our audience. Also on view are works by artists Dorothy Englander and Sandra Miller, purchased by The Hyde Collection during the Adirondack Regional exhibitions held here from 1974 through 1987.

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