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Nov 3, 2015 - Jan 24, 2016

Discerning Color: Selections from the Permanent Collection

Discerning is defined as being discriminating, astute, judicious, perceptive, sensitive, shrewd, or selective.

These artists whose work is on view in this exhibition used a discerning eye to employ color in expressing their ideas. As a powerful artistic tool, color can affect us in many ways: visually, psychologically, and symbolically. Inspired by Helen Frankenthaler’s screenprint, What Red Lines Can Do, currently on view in the Charles R. Wood Gallery, Pulled, Pressed and Screened, many of the works seen here incorporate red, or a hue adjacent to red on the color wheel. The artists have made use of color in primary, complementary, and analogous palettes. Abstraction allows color to play a significant role in the artists’ conception of their finished works.

The works on view were selected from The Hyde’s permanent collection and were gifts to the Museum. The donors include Stan Brodsky, Carolyn K. Callner, Carmen Cicero, Joseph Jeffers Dodge, Werner Feibes and James Schmitt, Jane Steele Murray, Robert S. Risman, Jr., and Stephan J. Sills, M.D. It is through generous gifts such as these that The Hyde continues to enhance and expand its permanent collection for our visitors and the community to enjoy!

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