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Visit Botticelli painting, right here in Glens Falls

An article on ArtDaily this morning says a portrait painted by Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli is up for sale on the international art market with an asking price of $30 million.

The opening paragraph of the article notes that Botticelli is best known for his Spring and Birth of Venus paintings, which draw more than 2 million visitors a year to Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

The second sentence really hit home for me. It reads, “His works are not generally expected to be found outside the world’s major museums.”

But at The Hyde Collection, right here in Glens Falls — a museum that welcomes an average of about 25,000 visitors a year, two-thirds of whom visit free of charge — you can see Botticelli’s Annunciation. There’s no battling crowds, taking shuttles, or walking a vast, intimidating place.

You can walk to The Hyde’s beautiful Museum campus on Warren Street, pay $12 in admission (or $10 if you’re 60 or older, or pay nothing at all if you’re a child, student, veteran, or military, or visit on any number of our free days, or borrow an admission pass from your local library), and stand within a foot of an incredible Botticelli painting.

We hope you do so soon. (You can also see works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Picasso, El Greco, Hassam, Homer, Eakins, della Robbia, Degas, and more.)