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Study: Art experiences extend your life

A recent study released by University College London (UCL) found that people who regularly visit museums live longer than those who don’t make room and time for art in their lives.

Researchers recognized that economic status plays a role in life expectancy and, in general, people with higher education and income levels are more likely to attend cultural events such as exhibitions, lectures, art workshops, etc. But more money only accounts for about 9 percent of the lengthened lifespan. Some of it, they said, can be attributed to cognitive differences, social and civic engagement, mental health, mobility, disability, and deprivation.

But more than half the association of a longer life isn’t linked to factors they can explain, said the author of the study. Engaging with the arts, she said, acts as a buffer against stress, improves people’s ability to adapt, and encourages creativity (which, of course, leads to greater fulfillment).

Part of what is so amazing about The Hyde Collection is that you don’t have to be a high-earner to visit, or even to be a member.

  • The Museum partners with area libraries so admission passes can be borrowed free of charge.
  • The Second Sunday of every month, admission to The Hyde is free.
  • Seniors are admitted free every Wednesday.
  • Students, children, veterans and military service members can visit free any time.
  • The Museum offers free tours for schools; people battling Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive issues; group homes; and programs that serve people with developmental differences.
  • Throughout December, The Hyde offers Pay as you Wish. Attend free of charge and, if you wish, make a donation based on the experience.
  • Community Day is held at The Hyde every summer, a free day of art-centered activities, tours, and more.
  • Weekly children’s programs are offered free of charge — and families who attend are welcome to stay and explore the Museum.
  • Membership packages start for as little as $60 a year. (Click to learn more.)

To learn more about visiting The Hyde (which will help you live longer), click.

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