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Art history, stitch by stitch

As a child, I fancied myself a serious embroiderer. I don’t remember how I learned or even who introduced me to it, but I remember that I would buy kits with money I saved, then stitch away and give my completed wares as gifts. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized some people crafted their own designs and didn’t just follow the patterned kits upon which I relied.

I was always impressed by people who had the vision to create a scene in their mind, then figure out what colors and stitches would make it come to life. So I was blown away by an article I just read about Ira Pashkevych, who re-creates artistic masterpieces into tiny little hand-stitched brooches. Works by Van Gogh and Monet are in miniature, with each stitch representing a brush stroke. I can’t imagine the patience that goes into each work.

Learn more and see images of Pashkevych’s work here.