Staff Directory

General Inquiries
Phone: 518-792-1761
Fax: 518-792-9197

Erin Coe, director, ext. 319
Mary Ryan, bookkeeper, ext. 314
Kathy Reed, operations manager and assistant to the director, ext. 311
Colette Broestler, administrative assistant, ext. 310

Marketing, Communication, and Visitor Services
Rhonda Triller, communications associate, ext. 320
Ginevra Fisk
, communications associate & graphic design, ext. 315
Visitor Services Desk, ext. 350

Development and Membership
Cheryl Martin, development associate, ext. 346

Education Programs and Group Tours
Jenny Hutchinson, museum educator, ext. 327
Keri Dudek, assistant educator, ext. 317

Curatorial/Exhibitions & Collections
Jonathan Canning, director of curatorial services, ext. 321
Nicole Herwig, curatorial assistant, ext. 335
Barbara A. Bertucio, registrar & collections manager (includes image licensing), ext. 316

Kathy Reed, operations manager, ext. 311
Tim Raffile, facilities technician, ext. 324